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HBB: Vera Adontis by OnyxIdiosyncrasies HBB: Vera Adontis :icononyxidiosyncrasies:OnyxIdiosyncrasies 3 0 Is It Really Too Late? by OnyxIdiosyncrasies Is It Really Too Late? :icononyxidiosyncrasies:OnyxIdiosyncrasies 2 2 HBB: Ever-Intrusive Vee by OnyxIdiosyncrasies HBB: Ever-Intrusive Vee :icononyxidiosyncrasies:OnyxIdiosyncrasies 2 0 Artist's Bio - OnyxIdiosyncrasies by OnyxIdiosyncrasies Artist's Bio - OnyxIdiosyncrasies :icononyxidiosyncrasies:OnyxIdiosyncrasies 4 73 Across The Pond Superstars by OnyxIdiosyncrasies Across The Pond Superstars :icononyxidiosyncrasies:OnyxIdiosyncrasies 1 0 Slow Recovery by OnyxIdiosyncrasies Slow Recovery :icononyxidiosyncrasies:OnyxIdiosyncrasies 2 0 Undersea Buddies (request for FISH3BOOT) by OnyxIdiosyncrasies Undersea Buddies (request for FISH3BOOT) :icononyxidiosyncrasies:OnyxIdiosyncrasies 3 0 Wireboy by OnyxIdiosyncrasies Wireboy :icononyxidiosyncrasies:OnyxIdiosyncrasies 3 76 Splash And Burn by OnyxIdiosyncrasies Splash And Burn :icononyxidiosyncrasies:OnyxIdiosyncrasies 4 0 The Girl With Rainbow Eyes by OnyxIdiosyncrasies The Girl With Rainbow Eyes :icononyxidiosyncrasies:OnyxIdiosyncrasies 2 3 Car Counter by OnyxIdiosyncrasies Car Counter :icononyxidiosyncrasies:OnyxIdiosyncrasies 3 0 Parking Lot by OnyxIdiosyncrasies Parking Lot :icononyxidiosyncrasies:OnyxIdiosyncrasies 1 18 Wuhh by OnyxIdiosyncrasies Wuhh :icononyxidiosyncrasies:OnyxIdiosyncrasies 0 2 Crackling Sky Behind The Silhouette by OnyxIdiosyncrasies Crackling Sky Behind The Silhouette :icononyxidiosyncrasies:OnyxIdiosyncrasies 1 0 Hold Back Those Tears by OnyxIdiosyncrasies Hold Back Those Tears :icononyxidiosyncrasies:OnyxIdiosyncrasies 2 4 Just A Bathroom Selfie by OnyxIdiosyncrasies Just A Bathroom Selfie :icononyxidiosyncrasies:OnyxIdiosyncrasies 0 16


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HBB: Vera Adontis
I finally got this up after about 7 or so days of procrastination!!:D

Full name: Vera Delvina Adontis

Birthdate: April 5, 1999 (age 18)
Height: 5'6 in.
Weight: 90 lbs.
Nationalities: Greek
Parents: Constantina Terini and Niko Adontis
Location: Crown, Delaware
Sibling(s): Kara Adontis
Favorite Food(s): Coconut-lemon-basil popsicles
Personality: Vera "Vee" has a strong ego consisting of a high sense of self-confidence, a pretty sharp edge, and impatience with those around her whom she feels show less effort than she does. Vera is very hardworking, yet she tends to put-down her peers. She has been best friends with the Walsh twins since 1st grade, however she played nice whenever she was within their presence (she liked the fact that they were twins, and treated them like queens because they were the ONLY set of twins in their class). Without them around, she would knock down the nearest child riding a tricycle, or slap a juice box out of another kid's hand. As the 3 girls grew up, Jasmine and Abbi would notice a breakthrough in her once-minor cruelness. Speaking of Jasmine and Abbi, when Vera found out about their encounter with the haunted beach boy, she often got confused while overhearing their conversations with each other about him. She would wonder every day during their summer as friends and workers within the same vicinity whether or not there really was a half-human, half-fish creature skimming around. She kept her ears and eyes open for any pieces of evidence that would bring such a theory to life. Eventually, she does figure out the ultimate mystery.
Is It Really Too Late?
Howdy, whippersnappers! Long time no post!:D
I held off posting this for 3 days since I finished it. I mean, on that day I posted it on my Instagram (@buhonkusbates), but was too lazy to post on here (I know, I need to get out of this habit of being so).
Anyway, here is the scene where both Arnele and Almendine witness Wellis's drowning. Arnele, having already been at the spot first, comes face-to-face with Almendine, Wellis's sister. When Almendine first catches a glimpse of Arnele, she is scared speechless; her face goes pale, her mind goes completely blank, she feels sick to her stomach.. Why so dramatic? She's at a loss of feeling and understanding of reality due to the two "calamities" she's facing; the near-death of her only sibling, and the encounter of a monster who gets close to her just to calm her down.
HBB: Ever-Intrusive Vee
So, this here strongly evokes the main character trait in Jasmine and Abbi's best school-friend and Abbi's co-worker, Vee. Her real name is Vera, but often gets called "Vee." The basis of who she is consists of intrusiveness, sassiness, high enthusiasm, and clever wits.
The first time I came up with Vee as a character was when I was in 3rd grade (as I was creating the overall "Haunted Beach Boy"-story at the same time). However, I didn't draw her on paper or on Microsoft Paint like I have often done with Jasmine, Abbi, and HBB, nor have I created a solid personality for her like I briefly did with the 3 main characters I mentioned above. How I designed Vee was on (ABSOLUTELY AMAZING SITE!! Brings back many great childhood memories!:D) at the same time I was designing digital versions of Jasmine, Abbi, HBB, and Jasmine and Abbi's other friend, Hope.
I will post a single portrait of Vee and provide her character's bio in the caption below!
Artist's Bio - OnyxIdiosyncrasies
My very first artist's biography page!:D
:star:If anyone has any further questions for me, please feel free to ask me in the comments below!:star:


Basket Case Ⓒ Frank Hennenlotter/Analysis Films
Kit Ⓒ Skelanimals
Across The Pond Superstars
I never thought I'd get back to this, but I did!!:D SO thankful that I got it done!!
You got Kabinka Schein from Germany, and Jerrica "Jem" from the U.S.A.. The two singers meet for the first time, and get along great!^^; Lol that's all I gotta say!

Kabinka Schein Ⓒ OnyxIdiosyncrasies (me)
Jem/"Jem And The Holograms" Ⓒ Hasbro Inc.
Hi, all!:peace:
I haven't done a journal in a whhhhiiiilllleee, but I'm here to accomplish that!;)
ANYWAY, here's an update!
•I recently turned 18 last Wednesday~woopdeedoo, but I won't be crossing the paths of the many mature posts out here, so shut up already about that-_-
•I have been considering changing Arnele's name for about 2-3 months; it was at the last-minute when I came to the realization that her name was spelled and sounded almost exactly like "Ariel." This is problematic in the sense that the story follows along with "The Little Mermaid" by-coincidence (but I WILL change it, now that I found the issue here. But also, I'll add more ideas and finally come up with how it all starts, and most likely take some components out of it), regarding the fact that an undersea dweller rescues a human who was drowning, they later on fall-in love, yadayadayada:| Once I get into more depth with the story (and actually keep a journal in which I can write all this shit down), I'll post about my modifications in a journal here, as well as-you know-I'll put it all into writing on Wattpad
•For those who have seen my status about 2 or so weeks ago, well, I have some unfortunate news (and I didn't even expect this for many good reasons rather than the über cliché "I thought he was my soulmate"); Wyatt and I are no longer together;( I really thought that, considering the fact that he and I were really close, opened up about past trauma and emotions, all that stuff; I thought that he and I would last longer than only 5 days... Like, for at least a year, which never occurred to me. I never had a year-long relationship in my entire life. Neither of us fought nor was unfaithful in any way, shape, or form; he was going through a difficult time in his life in which he was getting tormented at school, he had a professor who didn't teach well to the point where he was struggling really badly in the plumbing class and his parents were harsh and unsupportive of finding him the right help. They blamed Wyatt for being a slacker without understanding what really happened, not to mention that they're divorced, so he has a pretty broken family life with that. Hence all of this, Wyatt's depression would be an on-again, off-again occurrence. I swear, I was hurt by all of this and strived to help him, but he never responded to that message and therefore blocked me on social media, as I soon did.
•My family and I are leaving for Ocean City, Maryland on June 17th this year!!:heart: As many times as we go there (and it's actually been 3 years since the last, but every memory is still well-intact within my brain cuz that place is, like, my second home-and better home at that^^;), I'll never get sick! It's insanity at its finest!
•I have considered doing a group drawing of me and my watchers; considering that I'm buddy-buddy with most of you, I thought of doing this as a way to thank you all for your unconditional love and support for me and my works, to celebrate our close bond, and to let you know that I care about you SO MUCH!!:hug: Some I've known for a couple of months, some less, some for 7 years:0 But yeah! Thought I'd do a nice thing there:D
•So, who's this Jaedte-chick? Well, imma tell ya! Jaedte was a character I created when drawing such a creation as to evoke the mental flow of emotions while experiencing neuroticism. I originally wanted to use one of my OCs, but figured that the drawings in which I'd include them in as well as the states they're in at those moments, they weren't fitting to their stories. Hence, I thought, "Maybe I should just create a whole new character since I barely have any OCs?" And I did. Her name can be spelled in many different ways, yet it'll all sound the same; "Yetta," "Jädte," "Yaedta," "Jaedta," you get it. But it's spelled "Jaedte (Jädte)." I was trying to be spontaneous in coming up with a name for her, so I recalled such a moment in which my sister nicknamed me "Yetta" when she was about a couple years old. And so a new OC was born:peace:


OnyxIdiosyncrasies's Profile Picture
†Nicoletta Antonia Mary Bates†
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
♥18-years old♥
Xx Vegan xX
♥Italian, Irish, Scottish, & English♥
Xx Die-hard nostalgia nerd xX
♥I often doodle in class^^;
Xx Cats are like my children^3^ xX
♥Future Psychology major // World Language Education (German) minor♥



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